Machine Control

Using our patented Go Power Box technology you can prevent the unauthorized access to powered machinery. Rest easily knowing that students can use machinery such as ones found in shop classes with an extra layer of protection from misuse. Our Go-Boxes also allow the capture of metrics, useful for managing the time spent by a user on a machine. This is a great solution for makerspaces that charge per the hour.


Recursion Access Suite

This system is perfect for industry involving the use of dangerous machinery, machine shops, schools, makerspaces, and more.

Space Control

Control the physical access to and from your work area. Utilizing RFID technology employees, students, or guests, can be issued access cards which permit them access to specific areas of a space. These cards coupled with our RFID door readers will automatically lock and unlock physical access points within a space.

Member Control

Use the Recursion Access Suite control panel to add or remove users who have been issued access cards from the Recursion system. Manage allocated space or machine time per user, and also keep track of which machines are utilized the most.